Integrated system for flooring subject to light traffic - DRACOFLOOR LD - DRACO EDILIZIA
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Integrated system for flooring subject to light traffic – DRACOFLOOR LD



» Thin film resin flooring system with high resistance to chemical-physical factors and to traffic

DRACOFLOOR LD is a thin film resin system for non-absorbent polymer coatings that ensure an excellent cost-performance ratio. DRACOFLOOR LD is easy to clean and has anti-dust properties. It is scratch-resi-stant and gives a very pleasant look.


  • High resistance to traffic.
  • Easy to clean and anti-dust.
  • Customised anti-slip properties.
  • Resistant to UV rays.
  • Simple and quick application cycle.
  • Excellent cost-performance ratio.
  • Good chemical resistance.

Ideal for

  • Garages and repair workshops, areas not subject to impacts or excessive traffic loads.
  • Laboratories, technical premises and warehouses.
  • Food processing plants where no aggressive products or procedures are used (no salt, slaughtering or similar).
  • Industrial and production areas in general.

Product Application

Step 1: application of the rising damp barrier and adhesion promoter EPOFONDO 3K

Step 2: application of the thin film epoxy coating WEPOX COLOR

Step 3: application of the finishing coat POLIPLATE TRASPARENTE LUCIDO

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