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    LinePlasticizing additives for ready-mix concrete


    New generation polycarboxylate superplasticiser with SBA (Sand Blocker Admixtures) technology.

     high-strength  CE-EN-934-2  Improved-pumpability  SCC  sand-blocker-admixture-technology

    DRACRIL SAND BLOCKER is a state-of-the-art superplasticiser specially formulated to produce ready-mix concrete using “difficult sands” that contain clay or a high percentage of fine particles. DRACRIL SAND BLOCKER contains new generation synthetic polymers with Sand Blocker Admixtures (SBA). This technology makes it possible to prepare very high performance concrete with very low water/cement ratio and excellent rheology properties even in case of complex sand.


    • 20 kg can.
    • 200 kg drum.
    • 1000 kg tank.
    • Bulk in road tanker.


    • From 0.5 to 1.2 kg per 100 kg of cement.


    • Amber.


    • The possibility to prepare high performance concrete even in case of complex sand containing clay or a high percentage of fine particles, or recycled aggregates.
    • The possibility to produce concrete with very low W/C ratio (0.4) and S5 slump class, thus increasing durability.
    • The possibility to maintain consistency for over one hour.
    • Reduced entrapment of air macro bubbles ensures better surface finish.
    • No segregation or bleeding; improved uniformity and cohesion.
    • Improved quality of “exposed” concrete, concrete/iron adhesion, and resistance to abrasion.
    • Reduced creep and shrinkage; improved adhesion to rebars.

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