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    LineFibers for concrete reinforcement


    Polypropylene monofilament fibres in water-soluble bags.

     DRACO-Usability-program  Zero-crack-technology  CE-UNI-EN-14889-2

    FIBERBETON is a synthetic fibre used for crack control of concrete mixes in the plastic phase and as a secondary reinforcement of concrete. They are recommended for use in prefabricated structures, even those with a thin section, as they are characterised by low surface distortion.


    • Water-soluble bags of 0.90 kg in a box of 28, 25.2 kg total.


    • 0,9÷1,8 kg/m3 concrete.


    • White


    • FIBERBETON fibres are evenly dispersed in the concrete mass, creating a three-dimensional, homogenously distributed micro-reinforcement that counteracts plastic shrinkage stresses and the formation of micro-cracks. This is possible as a result of the large specific surface area of the fibres and their high adhesion to hydraulic binders due to the special chemical and physical treatment of the fibres themselves.
    • FIBERBETON fibres act as a secondary reinforcement in the cement matrix, increase its resistance to carbonation and thus its durability, and improve its appearance, mechanical properties, resistance to impact, abrasion, freeze-thaw cycles, etc.
    • Shrinkage before setting (plastic phase shrinkage) begins with the setting of the concrete mix, i.e., from the moment the mixing water begins to evaporate. The shrinkage of fresh concrete mixes increases as air dryness and circulation increase. The resulting cracking is most evident in the superficial part of the concrete mix section, while it decreases and, at the very least, disappears at depth.

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