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    Technical mortars and grouts for the restoration and repair of concrete

    FLUECO 45 T2 BM

    Fibre-reinforced two-component thixotropic mortar with low modulus of elasticity and shrinkage compensation with corrosion inhibitor. Ideal for surface restoration of concrete structures in aggressive environments - Layers from 5 to 20 mm thick.

     Resistente-ai-solfati  Controlled-shrinkage  Low-elastic-modulus  R3-UNI-EN-1504-3  Zero-crack-technology  CE-EN-1504-3  Layer-thicknesses-up-to-2cm-coat

    FLUECO 45 T2 BM is a two-component, fibre-reinforced mortar made of a cement-based premix to be hydrated with a specific synthetic latex with organic corrosion inhibitor to obtain thixotropic mixes with shrinkage compensation. FLUECO 45 T2 BM develops good initial and final mechanical strength and has a low modulus of elasticity. It is waterproof and durable, even in aggressive environments, and provides strong bonding to steel and concrete. FLUECO 45 T2 BM contains an organic corrosion inhibitor. FLUECO 45 T2 BM is resistant to chemical and environmental attack and is suitable for all exposure classes defined by UNI 11104.


    • 25 kg bags + 5 kg cans.
    • 25 kg bags + 20 kg cans.
    • 25 kg bags + 1000 kg cans.


    • Approx. 20 kg/m² per cm of thickness.


    • Grey


    • High adhesion to the substrate.
    • Absence of crazing and cracks caused by plastic shrinkage.
    • Resistant to sulphates and chemical-environmental attack.
    • Low elastic modulus.
    • Corrosion inhibitor.

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