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    Anchoring and grouting of strands, tie rods and nails


    HIGH STRENGTH INJECTABLE ANTI-WASHOUT THIXOTROPIC SWELLABLE PASTE TO BE PLACED BY PUMP, WITH NO BLEEDING. Suitable for underwater anchoring (“corrosion protection under stress”).

     Zero-crack-technology  Sulphate resistant  CE-EN-1504-6  Easy-injection-technology  Resistance-to-slipping  WR

    FLUECO 77T GROUTING WR (Water Resistant) is a pumpable anti-washout thixotropic swellable mortar with high bond strength to steel and concrete. Ideal also for underwater structures or interventions below the water table and/or in contact with water, it is suitable for injections in horizontal, vertical or overhead sections with water expulsion effect.


    • 25 kg bags.


    • Approx. 1.75 kg per dm³ of hole to be filled.


    • Grey


    • It gives complete protection to post-tensioned cables and steel bars.
    • It does not contain chlorides, sulphates or other potentially aggressive substances.
    • High cohesion and control of rheological qualities.
    • Easily pumpable.
    • Free of expansive agents.
    • Absence of exudation water (bleeding).
    • Total filling of cavities also with hydro-expulsive effect.
    • Workability at 20°C for about 1 hour.
    • High mechanical resistance to short and long curing.
    • High adhesion to iron and concrete.
    • Thixotropicity allows for easy pumping of the product.

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