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    Technical mortars and grouts for the restoration and repair of concrete


    FAST-SETTING, THIXOTROPIC, STRUCTURAL MORTAR FOR RENDERING, REPAIRING AND SMOOTHING CONCRETE. Ideal for repairs and skimkoats with 1 – 40 mm thickness range.

     R3-UNI-EN-1504-3  Thicknesses-1-40mm  Zero-crack-technology  CE-EN-1504-3  Rapido-indurimento  2in1-repair-and-finish  DRACO-Usability-program

    FLUECO BLITZ is a fast-setting, ready-to-use cement mortar suitable for spot repairs and for finishing damaged concrete and RC and can be used both vertically and horizontally. FLUECO BLITZ develops high initial and final mechanical strength; it is waterproof and long-lasting even in aggressive environments and provides strong bonding to steel and concrete. Thanks to its special additives and structural fibres, with FLUECO BLITZ it is easy to create layer thickness from 1 mm to 4 cm guaranteeing strong bonding and protection against carbonatation. FLUECO BLITZ is resistant to chemical and environmental attacks and is suitable for all the exposure classes defined in UNI 11104.


    • 25kg bags.


    • 18 Kg/m² approx. per cm of thickness.


    • Grey


    • Rapid repair and finishing in a single product .
    • Resistant to sulphates and chemical-environmental attack.
    • High adhesion to substrate and reinforcement bars.
    • No crazing or plastic shrinkage cracking.
    • Waterproof and resistant even in aggressive environments.
    • Easy to apply.

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