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    LineSpecific additives for high performance concretes


    Plasticising and curing admixture to reduce hydraulic shrinkage and control micro-cracking.

     CE-EN-934-2  Hot-climate  Zero-crack-technology

    FLUIBETON AR is a liquid admixture with a plasticising, curing effect, which reduces hydraulic shrinkage and regulates the evaporation of mix water (internal curing) from the inside, thus controlling cracking and curling phenomena in castings on exposed surfaces and industrial floors, even jointless ones. FLUIBETON AR makes it possible to obtain shrinkage-compensated concrete with air curing.


    • 10-20 kg canisters.
    • 200 kg drum.
    • 1000 kg cistern.
    • Bulk in tanker.


    • 1-2 kg per 100 kg of cement.


    • Clear


    • It regulates evaporation of mixing water, promotes hydration and increases the concrete plasticity.
    • The internal curing mechanism reduces hygrometric shrinkage and allows better curing.
    • It limits cracking phenomena, ensuring greater durability of the work.
    • It reduces the surface tension of water within the porosity, decreasing the likelihood of shrinkage cracking.
    • FLUIBETON AR used in conjunction with the EXPAN 25 expansive agent allows for greater expansion when cured in a humid environment and also in air during the first few days of curing.

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