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    Hydroactive polymer waterproofing membrane with XL technology. Ideal in the presence of high salinity or polluted water.

     BBA  H2o  Acque-saline-e-impure  Contatto-diretto-col-terreno

    ULTRASEAL XL features XL technology, the latest innovation in active waterproofing. This advanced polymer technology offers outstanding performance in the face of a wide range of soil contaminants, including high salinity conditions. Unlike passive membranes, when used alone, the SELF SEALING capacity of the active XL technology allows the waterproofing membrane ULTRASEAL XL to seal small cuts or defects created in the membrane. In particular, its effectiveness has been proven in both hydrostatic and non-hydrostatic conditions. ULTRASEAL XL reacts to form a low-permeability membrane in contact with water. When hydrated, if not confined, the membrane can multiply its volume several times when dry. If confined, by backfilling or pouring concrete, expansion is controlled and a dense waterproofing membrane is created that is difficult to penetrate. This expansive action promotes the sealing of cracks in concrete caused by soil settlement and concrete shrinkage. When concrete is poured on the side of the geotextile with XL technology, ULTRASEAL XL creates a strong mechanical cohesion. It has zero VOC content and can be installed in all weather conditions directly on concrete.


    • Roll 1.55 x 12.9 m = 20 m².
    • Pallet (palletised container) = 30 rolls = 192.5 m².


    • See data sheet.


    • Grey


    • Self-repair capability.
    • Monolithic impermeable barrier.
    • Mechanical adhesion to the cast.
    • Easy to apply.
    • Joint safety.
    • High chemical stability.
    • Resistant to high hydrostatic pressure.
    • High puncture resistance.

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