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    Active waterproofing of foundations, slabs and underground structures


    WATER-ACTIVATED SELF-BONDING BENTONITE WATERPROOFING MEMBRANE. Ideal in case of high-saline conditions or polluted water.

     Acque-saline-e-impure  Direct-contact-with-the-ground  H2o

    VOLTEX® CR (chemical resistant) is a highly effective waterproofing composite system made of high strength geotextiles and 5 kg/m2 of sodium bentonite. The high swelling, low permeable sodium bentonite is encapsulated between a non-woven and a woven geotextile. VOLTEX® CR contains sodium bentonite resistant to pollutants which makes it ideal in case of groundwater contamination. A patented needle-punching process interlocks the geotextiles, forming an extremely strong composite that maintains a uniform coverage of bentonite and ensures protection against bad weather and construction-related damage. After confinement, VOLTEX® CR hydrates and creates a monolithic waterproofing membrane. VOLTEX® CR has a COV content equal to zero, can be installed in almost any weather condition on fresh concrete and has proved to be particularly effective both in new waterproofing works and in repairs of existing waterproofing.


    • 1.1 x 5 m-long roll = 5.5 m² on pallet containing 35 rolls.
    • 2.5 x 20 m-long roll = 50 m².
    • 5 x 40 m-long roll = 200 m².


    • See data sheet.


    • Grey


    • Self-repair capability.
    • Compactness and uniformity of the bentonite layer.
    • Mechanical adhesion to the casting.
    • Easy to apply.
    • Joint safety.
    • Resistant to high hydrostatic pressure.
    • Chemical stability.

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